We take a holistic view of our clients financial picture, not just a one size fits all approach. That’s why we also offer an array of services to meet your needs.

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Through all of lifes needs and changes, we can guide you through each of these planning steps:

Life Insurance

While many have life insurance, many don’t have enough or are wasting money on too much. Let our calculate your insurance needs and then recommend the appropriate type of insurance. This will ensure that your loved ones are protected and you’re not wasting money.

Education Funding Strategies

It’s never too early to start saving for college. The cost of education is rising at an unprecedented pace and most people aren’t prepared for what’s to come. Don’t let your kids drown in student loan debt. We can show you how to optimize your college funding strategy.

Social Security Optimization

Social security rules and options change every year. Our advisors keep up to date with those changes. Getting the maximum amount out of social security is easy, wait until you’re 70, but maybe you don’t have to wait to 70 to reach your goals. We can show you the optimal strategy for your personal situation.

Estate Planning

Having an estate plan is one of the best ways to ensure your assets are not only protected, but are distributed according to your wishes. Many people think that trusts avoid taxes, but that isn’t necessarily true. The basic function of a trust is to make sure your assets are protected from probate and that it gets distributed how you want it, even if you’re not longer living.

Cash Flow Planning

The most important part of a sound retirement isn’t necessarily how much you have in the bank. It’s really about how much money you have coming in. If you can spend as much as or less than you take in, your chances of having a comfortable retirement increase. We can show you some optimal pre retirement and post retirement cash flow planning scenarios and you can choose the right one for you.

Real estate investment trusts

Investing directly in real estate is complicated. While we always suggest diversifying your assets, some just aren’t comfortable or have the means to purchase commercial real estate. That’s where reits come in. We can show you how to invest in commercial real estate without having to take on loans or own the property outright.

Divorce financial planning

Divorce is often the most difficult time in someone’s life. Emotions can cloud our vision. We can help you make sense of the financial part of a divorce and be sure that we show you the most equitable division of your assets. And remember, equitable doesn’t always mean equal.

Charitable Giving

We all want to give back. Unfortunately, time tends to fly by and we either give in a less tax advantaged way or just never get around to it. Let us work with your tax planner and get the right charitable giving vehicle for you.

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